descsave is an extended version of describe, which creates up to 2 output files. One is a Stata data set with 1 observation per variable and data on variable attributes (name, type, format, variable label, value label, and selected characteristics). The other is a Stata do-file which reconstructs these. I have used this package many times in Stata 13 and 14 versions a couple of years ago. I think the... I think the... STATA Users in Pakistan | Is there a way to run "descsave" in Stata 14. Programs that create resultssets include xcontract, xcollapse, parmest, parmby and descsave. Stata resultssets do a similar job to SAS output data sets, which are saved to disk files. However, in. This list of descsave output variables now includes an additional variable order, which contains the order of a described variable in the input varlist and defines the default sorting order for the gsort() option. gr0002 3: Lean mainstream schemes for Stata 8 graphics. S. Juul. Stata Journal 3(3): 295–301.. descsave creates an output Stata dataset (or resultsset) with one observation per variable and data on these descriptive attributes. This dataset may be listed using the list() option and/or saved to a file using the saving() option and/or written to the memory using the norestore or fast option, overwriting any existing dataset. The file. Explore how to obtain descriptive statistics for continuous variables in Stata. Copyright 2011-2019 StataCorp LLC. All rights reserved. Stata: Descriptive Statistics – Mean, median, variability Descriptive Statistics For this tutorial we are going to use the auto dataset that comes with Stata. To load this data type sysuse auto, clear The auto dataset has the following variables. describe. 的改包可以与其他STATA程序的团队一起使用,以产生各种表格和置信区间的曲线p值。这些项目descsave和factext可与Parmby.使用伪变量,根据拟合模型中包含的分类因子的值创建置信区间图西或者汇总.用户可轻松适配多款机型,生产一款Parmby. What is Stata Export Variable Names And Labels. Likes: 593. Shares: 297. 用descsave命令把变量标签、变量类型、变量值标签存成do文件。这是个很棒的用户开发的命令,可以在线安装。 数据文件另存为csv格式,这样一来所有的标签已经被全部去掉了(转码不成功就是因为标签全是汉语的)。 用Stata 14或15给第1步生成的do文件转码,. the stata do-file reconstructs these attributes when run, assuming that the variable exists and is of the correct mode (numeric or string). descsave can be used to reconstruct variables that have been output to a generic spreadsheet using outsheet and then input using insheet, or variables that have been extracted (using factext) from the. Stata data set that can be output in these ways, we can use the parmest, dsconcat and lincomest packages to create data sets with one observation per estimated parameter, the sencode, tostring, ingap and reshape packages to process these data sets into a form ready to be output, and the descsave and factext packages. Commands for Corrona biostatisticians. Contribute to Corrona-IT/corcmds development by creating an account on GitHub. "/> Descsave stata
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